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Meeting Twilight songwriter

By Nickie Wang

Sam Bradley 2Sam Bradley still considers himself as a late bloomer in the field of music writing and making, though music has been his passion for as long as he could remember.

The 23-year-old artist is more popularly known for the song “Too Far Gone,” which he co-wrote with Twilight lead star and close friend for 10 years now, Robert Pattison. The song appeared on the soundtrack of the box-office hit movie in Pattison’s version called “Never Think.”

“It was like nothing I have experienced before,” Sam said when asked about how it was working with Pattison. The Canadian singer wittingly imitated the actor’s recognizable voice in the Twilight movie and continued, “We were just playing in a room and there was nothing planned about it but out came a song that is now a hit among Twilight fans.”

The singer explained that the reason why there’s a difference between his version and Pattison’s is that when the song was almost finished, he went back to Canada and his friend stayed in London.

“I started working with my own style and he [Pattison] started working on with his own style. So what happened was we came up with two different sounding songs. When we came back to it, we tried to work on it again,” he explained and quipped that he likes his version better.

The young musician knows for a fact that Twilight is a big hit, it is a movie franchise, and he became popular because of it. However, he is positive that even after the Twilight phenomenon is finished, his career would still continue.

“I’m a co-writer of a song for movie that happens to be Twilight. I’m going to be a writer on another song of which can be anything. There are unlimited possibilities for me. I’ll continue to do what I do and what I do is play music,” the singer affirmed.

He added that there are no limits to his career and he is just optimistic that after Twilight, there will be more opportunities coming.

“There are people who are ready to listen to my music, if they don’t know it, I’ll find them,” the Canadian singer enthused.

Sam is currently touring SM Malls to do a series of shows and to promote his self-titled EP. He is scheduled to visit SM malls in Cebu, Sta. Rosa, Clark, Megamall, Mall of Asia, Southmall, Fairview, and The Podium.

The album that he promotes includes original compositions like “Sea Blue,” which has received more than 300,000 thousand plays on his MySpace page, Eugene , Derek, Pretty Boy, Passport and It Begins.

The Canadian singer was born in London, England, studied in Hong Kong when he was three, traveled several times to Sri Lanka, and recorded some songs in Paris and in different parts of the world.

“I’m a very quite guy. I watch a lot of people that’s why I consider everybody I see everyday as my general inspiration when it comes to creating music,” he shared.

He also revealed that his biggest musical (vocal) influences are Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, and R. Kelly. His prolific output is a clear and clever combination of soul, folk, and rock music, and the constancy of his sound unifies the varying genres.

“I listen to almost everything. For me, it’s like more of a study because a musician needs to improve his craft by allowing himself to discover and study the works of other musicians, too,” Sam explained.

Although he is not yet signed to any record label, his primary goal as of the moment is to build up his name as music artist in different parts of the world. That is why, when he chose to be a professional musician some few years back, he told himself that there’s no turning back.

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