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Up close with Kim Bum

By  Nickie Wang

Kim Bum in sport drama Dream

Kim Bum in sport drama Dream

Boys Over Flowers star Kim Bum, more popularly known as Yi Jeong in the top-rating Korean series, was in town to shoot a television commercial opposite Kapamilya network star Maja Salvador.

Bum is the latest endorser of RC Cola, and at the same time he promotes the forthcoming sport drama series Dream, which features Bum in his first starring role. The program will soon air on ABS-CBN.

In a press conference held at 9501 Restaurant, ELJ Building last week, Bum escorted Maja and greeted the members of the entertainment press. Bum had a female interpreter with him since the 20-year-old Asian star’s English vocabulary is limited. The press asked questions in English and the actor answered in his language. It is good to note that he answered the questions without his interpreter translating them in Korean.

According to the female interpreter, the actor is intelligent that is why her presence was no longer needed at the set of the commercial because Bum can perfectly associate amid language barrier. In just a short time, he’s able to utter the words like maganda, payong and salamat.

“How about mahal kita, does he know the meaning of it?” a member of the press asked.

“She didn’t tell that,” Bum answered, grinned and turned to Maja.

Both celebrities had a great time shooting the commercial despite their different call times. Maja was needed to be right on the set at 5 a.m. while Bum was after lunch.

“She stayed there for about 24 hours and she never frowned. She keeps on smiling and keeps everyone so happy. She’s so energized,” Bum said through his interpreter.

Maja recalled that on the last day of their shoot, Bum asked him if she’s already tired, “Tinanong niya ako kung pagod na ’ko, I said yes. Then he told me, ‘But you’re still maganda,’” Maja narrated and turned to Bum asking, “Am I maganda?”

Maja Salavador and Kim Bum

Maja Salavador and Kim Bum

The Boys Over Flowers star replied, “Always maganda,” and even said that Maja looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The TVC that both stars’ fans have been waiting for will premiere on Oct. 18, before ASAP. They refused to give further details about the commercial but promised that is going to be a surefire hit because of its “proposal” theme.

According to Bum’s interpreter, the young actor is very thankful for all the help he got from the staff and people around while shooting the commercial. He was even surprised with the availability of Korean food right on the set of the commercial shoot.

A product of talent search

Like most stars in the country today, Kim Bum is a product of a talent search called Survival Star Audition. The young actor was not fortunate to clinch the top prize but windows of opportunities opened for him right after joining the talent search.

While attending school, Bum also set his sight on acting projects and in no time, multiple television and movie offers came in. He was cast in numerous Korean television series and dramas such as High Kick! and East of Eden before landing in one of the leading roles in Boys Over Flowers as Yi Jeong.

In the upcoming series Dream, Bum plays a martial arts athlete who is released from a reformatory facility. He is discovered by a sport agent who works together with him to overcome hardship.

Message to Filipino fans

Staying for a few days in the country, Bum was well aware of the calamity that ravaged Metro Manila and left hundreds dead and thousands homeless. In fact it was the reason why he was confined for 12 hours inside the hotel where he was staying. He couldn’t go out because of the rough weather.

“Please do not lose your hope and dreams. As an actor I will do my role because that’s what I do, to give you entertainment. I’ll continue to make you smile and help you get back on track and God bless you all,” Bum said.

The young star even promised that in no time he will be back in the country to get to know the people better. Whether for visit or for work, he looks forward to see the people and experience more of the Philippine culture.

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