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It’s Shark Week on Discovery Channel

By Nickie Wang

Shark Week 2Movies like Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, or Shark Attack have portrayed sharks as cold-blooded killers in the vast seas. Just a sight of a shark’s fin breaking the water is enough to make swimmers and beachgoers jitter or much worse, panic.

Although sharks are perceived as sea monsters because of terrifying attack reports, there are stories about these aquatic creatures that ignite great interest among people. Sharks are also admired because of their size and power. In most parts of the world, they are being feared because of their notorious reputation, but there are also seafarers who hunt them for fun and or for selling, which is actually illegal in most countries.

This October, Discovery Channel presents Shark Week, a collection of programs and documentaries dedicated to one of the ocean’s apex predators. Apart from their bad reputation as fierce killers, these shows depict sharks as intelligent, graceful, and efficient predators.

For the past years, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has kept viewers on the edge of their seats, intriguing, and educating them at the same time. Featuring the world’s most renowned shark scientists and experienced underwater photographers, Shark Week delves into the shadowy world of these ferocious sea-lurkers.

Shark Week kicked off on Oct. 5 with a two-part special called Day of the Dark: Shark Attack Files. The special features some bloody interactions between sharks and humans revealing the science behind what triggers sharks to attack at certain time of the day and what rules human should follow to avoid mauling and accident.

Shark Week lineup

Shark Week 1Until Oct. 18, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week gets viewers up-close and personal with the ocean’s most ferocious predator with a lineup of programs including Day of the Dark 2, Great White Appetite, Shark After Dark, Deadly Waters, Sharkbite Summer, and Blood in the Water.

Great White Appetite follows the mystery behind the Great White’s population, mating, and traveling. One of the most efficient hunters in the world, the Great White’s appetite is more of a mystery than anything else.

Meanwhile, survivorman Les Stroud is back for more nail-biting, shark-chomping action with Deadly Waters. Starting from the Florida Museum of the National History, together with a team of experts, Les embarks on a journey to determine where the most fatalistic waters around the world are.

In Shark After Dark, a team of divers descends into the dark abyss on a mission to learn about shark behavior after the sun goes down. Though sharks’ daytime activeness and aggression are common knowledge, people know very little about what they do at night.

Sharkbite Summer presents a definitive bite-by-bite account of shark attacks and the ensuing panic during the intense summer of 2001 in America. Blood in the Water, on the other hand, accounts the dramatic chains of killings caused by shark attacks.

For further information on programming lineup, TV schedules, shark facts and trivia, and games, viewers can check out http://www.discoverychannelasia.com. The Web site also features information about conservation efforts of some aquariums in Southeast Asia.

2 thoughts on “It’s Shark Week on Discovery Channel

  1. I watch this every year and it fascinates me more and more. I love the sharks that jump out of the water. I forget what they call it, but it is amazing and the photography is awesome. What did you think?

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