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Miguel Mendoza sings fine tunes

By Nickie Wang

miguel mendozaThis year is the most exciting phase of Miguel Mendoza’s career. As a promising talent, Miguel continues to work hard to make the public notice his pure talent and willingness to share it through performing onstage.

Three years after his television debut on Philippine Idol and then on Pinoy Dream Academy, where he emerged as Season 2’s 3rd Star Dreamer, Miguel is finally and slowly getting his due.

Recently, as he celebrated his birthday with close friends and relatives and with some members of the entertainment press, the young singer launched his very first album under Star Records. The project, which took six months to be finally released, is dubbed Somebody.

After his stint in Pinoy Dream Academy, Miguel immediately started working on certain materials for his solo album. He personally selected three revivals: “Be My Number Two,” “Beauty and Madness,” and “Somebody.”

Three of his original compositions are included in his latest offering. “Ligaw na Damdamin,” “Sa Piling Ko,” and the album’s carrier single “Hanggang Tingin” essay the musician’s hunger for love and his firsthand experiences when it comes to relationships.

“This project made me so excited. I composed some of the songs, meaning since this is my very first solo project with Star Records, I tried to be hands-on with this album,” 20-year-old Miguel said excitedly before his performance at Techno Wave, Il Terrazo.

A flexible singer-musician as he is, Miguel can shift from R&B to pop with much ease. He attributes his vocal style to his musical influences like John Legend and Eric Bennet. Like what people had seen during his reality talent search days, Miguel has this kind of voice that suits any song of any genre, aside from that he also posses piano skill that make him more adept in making music.

“I’m really comfortable with the piano. It helps me compose songs. Actually I even compose songs for my friends and I’m happy that my colleagues see me not just as a performer but someone they can count on when it comes to music,” the singer shared.

Apart from creating beautiful music and singing fine tunes, Miguel is currently a college student at the De La Salle University taking up Philippine Studies major in Filipino in Mass Media. The young musician practically juggles his time between school and career, and he still manages to take up new challenges as well. In fact, he is also part of the much-anticipated Tony-Award winning musical stage play, Spring Awakening.

“Stage acting is one challenging area to start with, but I don’t mind. Life is full of challenges anyway,” Miguel affirmed.

In Spring Awakening, Miguel plays Georg, a piano student who cannot concentrate with his music because of his feelings toward his teacher. The musical stage play is based on the controversial 19th century German play that was banned due to its portrayal of sensitive teenage issues.

Spring Awakening is showing at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium until Oct. 18.

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