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Discovery gives shows local flavor


 By Nickie Wang/ Manila Standard Today

Because of the audiences’ programming taste and high interest in popular science, Discovery Channel considers the Philippines, apart from Singapore and Malaysia, as a very important market in Southeast Asia.

Discovery Network’s Asia-Pacific senior vice president and general manager Kevin Dickie visited the country to personally announce the launch of a dedicated Discovery Channel feed and local advertising sales in the Philippines.

“We are confident about the impact the new feed will have on our business as the Philippines is one of the fastest growing markets in Southeast Asia, and is incidentally one of the first markets in the Asia-Pacific where Discovery first broadcast in 1994,” says Dickie, who oversees all aspects of the business and operations of Discovery brands in the region.

This milestone allows the network to get better understanding of the Filipino audiences by providing them with more relevant or localized messages. Discovery has partnered with Access, a subsidiary of leading cable distributor Accion to represent local advertising sales for the channel.

“The level of localization for the Philippines doesn’t go as far as featuring locally produced documentaries. We are bringing in local flavors by language customization,” Dickie explains.

The dedicated feed, which officially started on July 15, allows advertisers to customize their local advertising and to align themselves with a strong international brand. It is part of the renewed focus on the Philippines as the network marks its fifteenth year in the Asia-Pacific.

This development aims to continue to build on an already strong leadership position for Discovery Channel in the Philippines where the channel is being patronized by more than 1.2 million viewers.

“And most of them are above 30 years old and college educated. Contrary to the idea that these people watch reality TV, most of them prefer real series,” Dickie adds.

This fact supports the latest Pan-Asia Pacific Cross Media Study (PAX). The study notes that Discovery Channel remains the most preferred factual channel among top management in the Philippines.

In a short press conference held at the Shangri-La Makati on July 15, Dickie was pleased to announce that for 15 years, Discovery Channel has positioned itself as global network devoted to creating the highest quality non-fiction programming in the world and remains one of the most dynamic networks on television.

This August, Discovery Channel anticipates a robust third quarter bolstered by new series like Survivorman, as well as returning series such as the popular, Emmy Award-winning Deadliest Catch. This August’s Man vs Wild: Will Ferrel Special sees host Bear Grylls teaming up with Hollywood funnyman Will Ferrell to explore the Swedish wilderness.

“Series like Deadliest Catch and Man vs Wild have rated well in the Philippines, demonstrating that much of our content has universal appeal. We are confident that this quarter’s programming slate will resonate with our Philippine audience,” Dickie ends.

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