Judy Ann is happy 24/7

By Nickie Wang/ Manila Standard Today

Everybody is wondering how is Judy Ann feeling now that her surname is spelled as Santos-Agoncillo. The answer is: contented and very happy.

judy_annA month after her much talked-about wedding with Ryan Agoncillo, Judy Ann made a recent public appearance and answered all the questions people are dying to ask her.

At the launching of Sun Double Unlimited at Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila in Quezon City, the young superstar threw nothing but smiles and chuckles as she officially resumes to endorsing products.

“I’m overwhelmed with all the trust these products are giving me. Being the newest endorser of Sun and the latest addition to the Sun family make me feel proud. I chose this product simply because it’s affordable,” Judy Ann said. “For a person like me who is starting to have a family, Sun [Double Unlimited] is very practical to have.”

As the newest face of Sun Cellular, Judy Ann endorses the Sun Double Unlimited offer that gives subscribers the flexibility of a cellular phone plus the practicality of a landline. These services all come in one sleek unit, all in one single payment and as Judy Ann said, “both in an unlimited service.”

“Sun is the fastest growing mobile network in town. Very much like Judy Ann, Sun continues to be more exciting,” said Joan Dueñas, Sun Cellular’s vice president for prepaid marketing, while introducing the actress.

Judy Ann’s new civil status allows her to take more endorsements that do not just cater to a particular market. She said that she is beginning to realize that she can now promote products and services that people of different age brackets can avail.

“It’s fulfilling in a way that I made a sudden shift. Before the products I endorsed were only for women. Now I can actually endorse products that young children or the whole family can use,” the 31-year-old actress said.

On her silent wedding

A month ago, Judy Ann and husband Ryan Agoncillo graced the front page of almost all the newspapers in the country. In a very solemn occasion and with a few friends and relatives in attendance, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo tied the knot on April 28 in San Juan, Batangas.

“It was a silent wedding pero it doesn’t mean na hindi makikita ng mga tao kasi utang ko sa kanila kung ano ako ngayon,” the actress explained. “We can’t believe na nakalusot ’yung wedding namin, all the people around us had to lie to keep the wedding secret. We realized that there are people who got inspired with our wedding, so we are very happy.”

The newlyweds also had to make it clear that there were two reception parties and the one held in Manila on May 2 was really part of the whole wedding plan.

“Hindi ’yun putok sa buho, we really arranged that party for those na hindi talaga makakapunta sa Batangas. Besides, the venue in Batangas was very small and it couldn’t accommodate all the guests,” she furthered.

Living under one roof

Just like George and Cecil, the couple’s latest television project that will be aired on ABS-CBN, Judy Ann and Ryan are facing new challenges in discovering new things about each other. Now that they are living under one roof, Judy Ann made a few revelations about her married life.

“I can say that I’m very happy that I married a perfect husband. Nakakatawa kasi isang buwan na pala kaming kasal. It only means that I’m very happy right now. The only thing na hindi ko pa nakakasanayan ay ’yung tawag ko sa in-laws ko. I used to call them Tito and Tita,” Juday (the actress’ nickname) shared.

While the couple temporarily lives in the house of the Agoncillo’s, Judy Ann revealed that there’s a special place that they are still trying to finish designing and furnishing. She did not give any other details about it but she said that the special place is located somewhere in South Luzon.

“We are busy with the new house. It has four bedrooms on the second floor and one on the first floor. It’s not that really big but it’s enough for people like us who are starting a family,” the actress said.

The Agoncillo couple is just like any other new couples who want to start building a home. Ryan and Judy Ann are excited to have an angel who will be a brother or a sister to Yohan, Judy Ann’s adopted daughter.

“Ewan ko parang puro hangin lang ang laman ng tiyan ko. But having a baby soon is our plan, pero kung hindi pa ibibigay, we can patiently wait,” she shared.

On her perfect husband

To walk down the aisle is every woman’s dream. The actress said that she had attended six wedding ceremonies and thought that she will never have the chance to exchange vows with someone who will be her lifetime partner.

“I thought I’m going to be an old maid kasi lagi na lang akong bridesmaid sa mga kasal na pinupuntahan ko,” she quipped. “Kaya when my time came to walk down the aisle, I wore my hair down, and chose a perfect gown. I felt like I was a fairy.”

When it was her time to tie the knot, she made sure that the wedding will go smoothly like the way she and Ryan planned it. As her face exudes a certain aura of happiness, she said that she has found a perfect match and a perfect husband in Ryan, who has become more caring and loving to her after the wedding.

“Masarap isipin na ’pag gising mo sa umaga kaharap mo ’yung taong mahal mo. We are taking small steps in enjoying the married life. Now that we are married, Ryan became more caring, mas maalaga siya ngayon,” Judy Ann said.

Although they already made this lifetime commitment, Judy Ann said that they still keep a personal space. As a Culinary Arts graduate, Judy keeps the kitchen as her territory or the place where she can explore and work alone.

“In the house I was telling about, nandoon ’yung dream kitchen ko. Ryan and I agreed na akin ’yun at sa kanya ang garahe,” she ended while still wearing a sweet smile as if her wedding just happened yesterday.

3 responses to “Judy Ann is happy 24/7

  1. I am a die hard fan of Judy Ann and Ryann here in Canada and I really admire their relationship especially Judai as being a good person and versatile actress

  2. I loved Judyann and Ryann as a couple. They serve as my inspiration. I wish that I could meet them in person when I go in the Philippines fo vacation. More power!!!!!!


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