When less is really more

By Nickie Wang/Manila Standard Today

How can “less is more” be possible?

A lot of people asked when a couple of billboards along Edsa were seen with the catchy tagline “Less is More.”

Because the huge ads didn’t indicate the product or service being advertised, the white and pink balloons gave us the idea that something wonderful will soon be unveiled.

And we were right. Flawless, the country’s leading aesthetic beauty clinic chain, was re-launched with a much better promise to its customers.

Celebrities, party people, entertainment press, and invited guests all came in white and pink at the grandiose Blue Leaf Pavilion located at McKinley Hill Village, Taguig City on May 24 to witness the grand re-launch of Flawless.

The white and pink-themed event was hosted by Phoemela Baranda and featured celebrity endorsers like Lorna Tolentino, Allysa Milano, Yasmien Kurdi, and Butch Francisco. Other Flawless endorsers like Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, Mark Herras, Richard Gutierrez, and the very controversial Katrina Halili were not there to unveil the new Flawless tagline “Less is More.”

All endorsers who were present at the momentous event appeared before the guests in their simple attires that still made them elegant-looking like Lorna Tolentino who had a brief appearance wearing a simple white gown. The short but sweet program was so simple that it furthered the adage “simplicity is beauty.”

“Less in more, right? So let’s focus less on other issues and more on Flawless. I’m so proud of how this brand has evolved. This is such a pioneering approach to beauty. It’s an honor for me to be associated with this brand,” was the short but very evocative statement of Vicki Belo, part-owner of Flawless.

The new look

Flawless was established in 2001 to provide top beauty services to people who put premium on their looks and appearance. Eight years and 30 branches later, the aesthetic beauty clinic chain has consistently raised industry standard by providing high-quality services at reasonable price.

Part of the new image, each Flawless branch has been renovated to complement the new slogan.

“Less Is More is more than just a tag-line; it’s a mindset, a way of life. Our endorsers have embraced that, and I know our customers will do, too,” said Ruby Sy, chief executive officer and managing director of Flawless.

She added that having an aesthetic clinic chain debunks the myth surrounding the beauty industry. Sy explained that beauty is not about narcissism or just capitalism anymore. “Flawless slogan affirms that beauty is just as much as social as it is physical,” she continued.

The services Flawless provides are drafted to replenish and rejuvenate each costumer’s physical and mental being. Services are customized depending on the customers’ budget and privacy requirements. It provides options of economy (Ruby) class, business (Emerald) class, or first (Diamond) class.

Emerald and Diamond classes are serviced by more serious aestheticians and priced 10 percent and 20 percent, respectively, higher than Ruby. Emerald wards have fewer beds compared to Ruby and provides ample space for those who absolutely need it, while Diamond wards hold only one or two customers at a time guaranteeing privacy and discretion at all times.

Flawless TVC

One of the featured segments of the Flawless grand re-launch was the unveiling of the new television commercial that features its hottest endorsers.

Seen on the 50-second TVC are Yasmien Kurdi, Mark Herras, Katrina Halili, Richard Gutierrez, Lorna Tolentino, and Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo in their simplest moments that make new slogan more understood. It captures the essence of the “Less Is More” mindset by showing the glamorous endorsers at their most unguarded and natural moments.

The TVC was directed by world-renowned GJ Bleechmore who is best known for working on feature films such as Truth or Dare starring Madonna. He also directed music videos for The Rolling Stones, Elton John, and Janet Jackson.

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