Karylle finally finds her love

karylle2By NICKIE WANG/ Manila Standard Today

Last year, in the last three months particularly, Karylle was confronted with issues that put her at the center of attention. Who can forget the controversial smile that generated a lot of reactions from people who tried to ride on the bandwagon of her bittersweet moment?

Months after the much publicized breakup with longtime boyfriend Dingdong Dantes, Karylle revives and reinvents herself as an independent single lady. Well, she should thank Beyoncé’s song “Single Ladies” because it has been the mantra of her newfound image.

Endorsements, television series, movies, concerts, and albums, name it; she is becoming busier than ever. Indeed, she gets the sympathy of not just the public but of the entertainment industry as well. It’s just the upshot of what people see on her —a more determined artist.

Wearing a sangria colored dress, Karylle welcomed the press in an intimate launch at the Edsa Shangri-La on Jan. 28.

Looking stunning, she greeted everyone with a vibrant smile. Before the open forum started, she rendered a song entitled “Touch Me in the Morning” in a very engaging way, and just like what the song says, “We don’t have tomorrow but we had yesterday,” the 27-year-old singer-actress can now openly discuss her failed relationship without her going into a teary-eyed moment.

Karylle’s answers to the questions sounded more positive as if she has fully recovered from the heartbreaking experience. Although she claims that love is still there, and admits that Dingdong served as an inspiration to improve her craft, she could only hope that one day she could just brush it aside and laugh about the love affair she had with the actor.

“People have to hear it from your mouth, but it doesn’t stop there. Time will come that I could just talk about it, laugh about it, and there are no more tears,” Karylle said.

On Valentine’s Day, at the Lobby Lounge of the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Karylle will pour her heart out and express deep emotions singing songs that will make people fall in love in a concert entitled The Magic of Love. She will be backed up by the band Reasons that has been working with her for more than a year now.

“I always feel that I have so much love to give, there’s a lot of love inside of me and I think it’s inherent among people. Instead of giving it to just one person, as an artist it’s good that you can share your love with your audience. That’s what I love about music, it’s one way to release all these love,” she explains on how to reconcile the title of her concert and her status as a single.

Moving on

As a woman and a determined artist who hurdles such tough moment in her life, she finds refuge in the people surrounding her. Her passion in music, meanwhile, serves as another outlet in which she can unleash all the emotions that she has been suppressing of late.

“There’s a certain connection that I feel now with my audience. People give me smiles or words of assurance or support. I see it in their eyes. They actually say certain things to me that help me at this time in my life,” Karylle related.

She reveals that Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret has helped her in realizing things that are happening in her life right now. The book gave her certain amount of optimism and taught her how to tap positive energies that could help keep her composure in the middle of difficult situations now that she is in the moving-on phase.

Finding another love is currently not her priority, “Besides nobody is courting me right now,” she says. There are men who flank her but most of them have stated their intentions and according to Karylle these are clear.

“A lot of people are befriending me. These people have clear intentions even the ones who are being linked to me right now,” she reveals pertaining to Jericho Rosales and Christian Bautista.

Karylle doesn’t mind being loveless. She mentions that she feels good that there are women and other friends who call her and send her text messages saying that they are singles, too.

“These are people who are not really close to me but we find time to bond with each other. I think somehow, it’s a good time to be single now that it is no longer a taboo word, not like, ‘Ay ang kawawa mo naman.’ I think we try to look at it on the positive side,” she says while throwing a beautiful smile.

Karylle’s Feb. 14 concert at the Edsa Shangri-La begins with a dinner at 7 p.m., the performance is at 8 p.m. For reservations to the romantic evening concert, call Edsa Shangri-La Hotel at 633-8888 local 2777.

One response to “Karylle finally finds her love

  1. hi,,,so cute mo talaga ate karylle idol ko po kayo,,,bagay mo kayo ni coco martin sana magkaroon kayo ng isang show sa channel 2 na pinagbibidahan nyo,,,dalawa,,,,,,contra bida si dingdong,,,sana punta ka sa pbb teenternational,,,jrjejejejejejejej

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