Aurora’s Cul de sac

By Lil Kitty

rosannaBefore the word flawless was ever used by derm clinics and Angelica Jones, Rosanna Roces became famous using the word to describe her skin.

After several years of hiatus, she is making a comeback. Her reappearance however is  not a  grand return via a big movie from an established film outfit. She has this indie flick called Aurora where she plays a role of a social worker kidnapped by some rebels. While in the hands of her enemy, she is raped in the middle of the forest.

While director Adolf Alix stands by his cut of the film, for the second time the received an X rating from MTRCB because of the long rape scene deemed by the classification board too explicit for public viewing.  Maybe the actors and the director are missing the whole point, if they wanted a scene like that, why didn’t they go underground and produced a pornographic flick?

Since Osang’s film is still in limbo, let’s just go to Cul de sac (Dead End).

samThe title of Sam Milby’s latest offering is the perfect innuendo to his venture to indie movies. Apart from the fact that indies don’t have a real market except some students and gays looking for porn-style movies, Cul de sac is too mainstream floating in the muck of indie flicks. In fact Sam plays a character neither he comprehends nor his audience. His fans are not yet ready to see him rough and rugged most especially in a low budgeted feature.

According to the director of the movie, there’s really no “dead end” because one can do a “U-turn,” and Sam might as well do just that.

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  2. hello.i am looking for rosanna roces picture.i hope u can help me.i have looking for in google but the size of the picture just the small size.

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