The fastest way to the web

By Nickie Wang

optic-fiberInternet is already a staple part of the lifestyle of this generation. Students and teachers, businessmen, writers, or even ordinary people depend on the internet as if it’s a lifeline.

Downloading and uploading are no longer buzzwords but already common terms used by many people. If the internet connection is slow, it would simply be a total nightmare even for anyone who’s just wandering over the web.

So what are the great benefits of a fast internet connection? The list is endless because a high-speed internet connection is definitely a boon to everyone.

SkyCable, the leading cable TV service provider in the country recently launched SkyBroadband with internet bundles that set to be the national standard for internet connection speed.

The company’s internet connection facility is pushing its limit by providing up to 12 megabytes per second (yes you have read it right, 12 mbps) downloading speed. It is the fastest residential broadband internet service in the country today.

“We have addressed our customers’ concern for speed. We have improved our broadband package. And now we created the fastest residential internet service connection in the market today. We basically created a service that is four times faster than the fastest residential DLS service available,” said Mr. Rodrigo Montinola, vice president for Marketing of SkyCable, during SkyBroadband party at Warehouse 135 in Makati City .

During the event, some laptops were available so that the media and other invited guests could  have a sample experience of what the SkyCable official was talking about. Everyone was amazed with how fast their internet navigation experience was with this groundbreaking development. Some of the guests checked out their emails, visited their favorite sites, and viewed streamlining video clips.

Formerly known as ZPDee Cable Internet, SkyBroadband was launched to align with the “Sky” brands that have been paving the way for groundbreaking innovations.

“We wanted SkyBroadband to be identified with SkyCable. With the unique advantages of these brands, we will be able to provide unparalleled communication and entertainment services to our subscribers,” Montinola furthered.

SkyCable did a test by downloading a 701 mb movie file using SkyBroadband 12 mbps package and the fastest residential DSL speed available which is 2 mbps. With Sky, it was completely downloaded in 55 minutes up against with DSL that took more than 8 hours to download the file. The company also tried to upload a 21 mb file and the result: its service uploaded the file in just four minutes while it took fourteen minutes for the DSL to upload the same file.

“They are actually incomparable because we are offering a faster speed, but we just want gto ive some numbers so people will actually think that when we say we are fast, we are really fast!” SkyCable official affirmed.

Montinola explained that SkyBroadband’s interesting advantage is that it uses big cable lines that can support higher bandwidth that can carry more data. With higher bandwidth, it allows subscribers to navigate the web faster and download huge files seamlessly.

He also mentioned that the speed that Sky provides is ideal for home networks and subscribers who use multiple applications in any given internet session.

SkyBroadband is initially available in Las Piñas, Makati , Mandaluyong, Manila , Muntinlupa, Pasig , Parañaque, Pasay , Quezon City , San Juan , and Taguig. For inquiries, contact its Customer Service Hotline at 631-0000 or visit its website at for more information.

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