Karylle’s Smile

Dogs open their mouths with their tongue hanging out, and they look like smiling. This picture is natural; we often see it on the streets. But Karylle is not a dog and what she threw, when asked by Boy Abunda if Marian Rivera was pregnant, was just a natural smile from a human being. It wasn’t a smile like that of Mona Lisa’s but according to some people it meant a lot.

Marian went ballistic over a smile, what else would her reaction be if it were a piercing look from a misty eye?

Wearing a beautiful smile is an accessory, but if only a smile could kill, this actress who wore the mythical tail of Dyesebel was already been skewered. Yes, she got hurt, “Na-offense [offend] po ako,” she sobbed.

It’s really unfair for this mestiza that she’s having the unnecessary publicities but she has to remember it is showbizness and people will do whatever it takes to create something to talk about (even a scripted smile). Reality bites and it hurts, but why does she have to be affected if there’s no truth to the scuttlebutt? Is it because she’s only human – weak and defenseless most especially when in front of a chiseled god?

One response to “Karylle’s Smile

  1. Normally, it is the guilt that makes MR offended. Plus, the “plastikada” incident makes her burst out. Two blows at the same time is too much.

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